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Collings Guitars at TR Crandall

We are very excited to announce that we are now an official dealer for Collings Guitars.  It is no secret that Bill Collings and his team of dedicated craftsman have been building some of the finest instruments on the planet for years.  The attention to detail in every aspect from design, materials and craftsmanship is exceptional in everything Collings makes.  The line offered by Collings fits wi...

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TR Crandall Holiday Party with Ric Molina and Friends

Join us on Monday December 14th at 8pm for a night of Holiday fun.  For the second year Ric Molina has arranged a selection of music for six acoustic guitars and one bass.  We were blown away by the arrangements and performance Ric and his fellow musicians put on last year.   

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Milkman Amps at TR Crandall Guitars

We are proud to announce that we are an official dealer for the brilliant Milkman Amps.  TIm Marcus has been handcrafting some of the finest vintage inspired amps on the planet.  Essentially he takes everything you could want in a great vintage tube amp and makes it better.  It is no wonder they have quickly become the favorites of musicians like Jeff Tweedy and John Mayer.  Check out more on the ...

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Smooth Hound Smith LIVE at TR Crandall Guitars August 21st

We are excited to announce that Smooth Hound Smith will be returning to the TR Crandall Guitars stage Friday August 21st at 7 pm.  They brought a mix of energy, humor, and some seriously groovy music to the shop.  As always the show will be free and BYOB. For more on the band check out there website  

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Mulebone LIVE at TR Crandall Guitars June 29th

Mulebone LIVE at TR Crandall June 29th 8pm FREE SHOWBYOB Mulebone is a partnership comprised of multi-instrumentalist, John Ragusa and roots music specialist, Hugh Pool. The launching pad for their musical expression is traditional blues. Together they have recorded a CD which spent 15 weeks in the Top 100 Albums in America. Along with playing live and TV appearances, they won blues artist of the ...

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TK Smith Guitars at TR Crandall

We are pleased to announce that we are the first official dealer for TK Smith Guitars.  Serendipitously we were both featured in issue 32 of The Fretboard Journal, back to back articles.  We had heard about TK for years and followed his creative and inspiring projects from afar.  It just happened the Jill had stopped in our shop not long after we opened.  If you know anything about our shop and TK...

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Billy Woodward Live at TR Crandall July 9th

Billy Woodward will be performing with his band Wednesday July 9th at 9 pm in TR Crandall Guitars.  The show is free but you must RSVP to   You can check out his album The Beast In Me recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis Here From supporting national acts in major venues through the mid-atlantic to performing in the hit Broadway showMillion Dollar Quartet, Southern...

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TR Crandall in The Fretboard Journal

We are honored to be profiled in the latest issue #32 of The Fretboard Journal. Stop by the shop to pick up you copy or order online!

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Curtis Rogers National Part III

Now that major work on the neck is done Tom can fit the neck angel and reattach it to the body.  Using a straight edge the neck angle is determined.  The dowel stick gets trimmed and shims are used along with the original wood jacks to get the angle correct.   With the fingerboard glued on but before fretting Tom added the white star inlay at the first fret and the ivoroid dots like the original...

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1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage DeLuxe Conversion

In the 1930s Hawaiian music was tops in popularity.  The ukulele and lap-steel or Hawaiian guitar was everywhere.  The very first electric guitars were built for Hawaiian style slide playing.  All the big guitar companies, including Gibson  of Kalamazoo Michigan, built several guitars specifically for slide playing both acoustic and electric.  Most of the acoustic models were similar to Spanish gu...

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1935 Gibson Roy Smeck conversion part II

 The next step in the conversion of the 1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage DeLuxe is removing the fingerboard.  We are converting the guitar for a customer who owns several nice 30s and 40s Gibson guitars.  Working with the customer we have decided to keep the neck profile period correct.  The shape will remain a V just like the Spanish style guitars from 1935.  An often overlooked aspect to converting a...

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1935 Gibson Roy Smeck conversion part III

In the third step of our conversion of a 1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage DeLuxe we will install the neck support.          The first step is carefully laying out where the 1/2" aluminum tube will go.  As you can see in the above photo Tom has marked the neck with the location of the channel.  The neck is firmly clamped in place and the truss rod routing jig is clamped down as well.  The support runs ...

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1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage DeLuxe Conversion Part IV

Now that we have the neck nice and strong with the addition of an aluminum beam it is time to profile and shape it.  As mentioned previously we want to make this a comfortable neck to play but stay true to a Gibson 30s  shape.  We worked closely with the owner of the guitar and decided on a 1 13/16" nut width and a soft V profile.  We have a nice mid 30s L-00 that was used as a guide for the profi...

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Gibson jumbos in stock!

Great selection of Gibson jumbos in stock now! 1949 J-45 1951 J-50 1954 J-50 1954 J-50 1957 J-45 1959 Country Western 1960 Country Western

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TR Crandall Guitars Open for Business

 Welcome and thank you for visiting  TR Crandall Guitars is a new store brought to you by Alex Whitman and Tom Crandall.  We are both lifelong musicians and guitar fans.  The store and website are devoted to vintage acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and even a few electrics and amps.  We approach each instrument from the perspective of the repair bench.  We have the hi...

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TR Crandall Guitars Featured in StewMac Trade Secrets Video

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Dan and Tom Erlewine in our shop.  It was a fun day with some special guests like Steve Earle, Julian Lage, Armand Hirsch and John Peden.  We shot a few videos shared information and had plenty of laughs.  Now up on StewMac is the first of these videos.  

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