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    • TK Smith Special 004 2TK Smith Special 004 4
    • 2014 TK Smith Special Sunburst 004

      2014 TK Smith Special number 004 in sunburst finish.  The guitar features a chambered maple body, Birds Eye maple top and back, neck through construction, 25.5" scale length, rosewood fingerboard with 12" radius, 1.72" nut width, vintage frets, C neck profile, white and gold MOP inlays, C.A.R. pickups with cut away covers and individual magnetic pole pieces, Smith Vibrato, cast aluminum bridge, Sunburst nitrocellulose lacquer finish, and Waverly tuners.  Just about every bit of the guitar is designed and crafted by TK.  His skill working in variety of mediums, wood, metal, pearl, and finish is...

    • 1921 Martin 0 21 11921 Martin 0 21 2
    • 1921 Martin 0-21

      1921 Martin 0-21 in very good condition.  Brazilian rosewood back and sides with Adirondack spruce top.  Bridge is replaced with correct style but oversized from the original.  Bridge plate also a larger but still thin replacement.  The slightly stouter bridge area on this guitar allows for the use of light gauge steel strings despite it being made for gut.  It is lightweight and responsive.  A true gem for fingerstyle playing.  The original bar frets are in good shape and the neck is nice and straight.  Has had two small side cracks repaired, neck reset, and new nut.  Shellac finish is origin...

    • 1945 Martin D 18 11945 Martin D 18 2
    • 1945 Martin D-18

      1945 Martin D-18 in good condition.  This is from early 1945 and one of the first few hundred guitars to receive the new tapered bracing.  The bracing is heavily tapered and quite light.  All original inside including the bridge plate.  Crack free except for the ubiquitous pick-guard shrinkage crack.  Has original full height ebony bridge.  Ebony fingerboard has original brass frets and original ivory nut.  Neck has ebony reinforcement no T-bar.  Top is refinished with nitro and has not been sanded thin finish on rest of guitar is original.  Never had a neck rest and does not need one, a rarit...

    • 1941 Martin 000 45 11941 Martin 000 45 2
    • 1941 Martin 000-45

      1941 Martin 000-45 in very good condition. One of 125 pre-war 14 fret models made.  Refinished with french polish by Eugene Clark in the 1970s as well as replacement fingerboard.  Tom did an expert job of finishing the French Polish job about 10 years ago.  Looks gorgeous and has the benefit of a thin shellac finish expertly applied.  The sound is superb.  Has the depth and complexity you hope for in a prewar 000.  The Brazilian rosewood is of the highest caliber.  Please call for further details. 

    • 1962 Gibson J45 11962 Gibson J45 3
    • 1962 Gibson J-45

      1962 Gibson J-45 in excellent condition.  Has factory original dual pickguard.  100% original with almost no work ever done or needed.  We repaired a small crack near the fingerboard caused by shrinkage of the pickguard.  Has DeArmond pickups installed from when it was new.  Someone had intentions of playing this guitar on stage but clearly never got around to it.  There is almost zero evidence that this guitar was played.  The finish is bright and clean, the frets are original and full height with no wear, the tuners look like new.  Being a 1962 model it retains the small maple bridge plate a...

    • 1949 Martin 0 18 11949 Martin 0 18 2
    • 1949 Martin 0-18

      1949 Martin 0-18 in excellent condition.  We suspect this guitar was played very few hours since new.  When we got it the neck was loose and it was unplayable.  After a neck reset that required little more than reshimming and gluing it back in place it was whole again.  The guitars appears to have been stored in damp conditions at some point in its life.  There is some checking on the headstock and back that indicate this.  Otherwise the finish is shiny original and in great shape overall.  We set the neck to the original uncut saddle.  The frets are original and have no wear.  The original Kl...

    • 1947 Gibson LG 2 11947 Gibson LG 2 2
    • 1947 Gibson LG-2

      1947 Gibson LG-2 in excellent condition.  As stunningly clean and all original as they get.  No repairs ever done or needed.  Original finish is bright and clean with only a few tiny imperfections to let you know it is in fact an old guitar.  Has the nice large round neck shape you expect in the late 40s.  The sound is dry and robust.  Nice midrange and a more focused bass than many LGs.  The original brown Lifton case wears a barge from the shop of purchase when new in Montreal, it is also in excellent condition.

    • 1965 Gibson SG Junior 11965 Gibson SG Junior 2
    • 1965 Gibson SG Junior

      1965 Gibson SG Junior in excellent condition.  All original with no repairs or modifications.  Finish is clean and shiny and very red.  No checking or major flaws anywhere.  Has the early '65 wider neck 1 5/8" with comfortable C shape.  Electronics are all original an untouched.  Plays perfectly with full heigh original frets.  Great sounding strong P-90 that does just what its supposed to.  Includes newer Gibson hard case.

    • 1967 ES 125TDC Burgundy Metallic 11967 ES 125TDC Burgundy Metallic 2
    • 1967 Gibson ES-125TDC Burgundy Metallic

      1967 Gibson ES-125TDC in Sparkling Burgundy Metallic finish in very good condition.  The coolest version of the thin body 125 in the coolest finish.  You see this color on 330s and some SGs but rarely on the 125 model.  All original except for added Bigsby vibrato, a welcome addition.  Has a nice neck profile with a 1 9/16" nut width.  This is great guitar for old school rock n roll.  Push it hard with some gain and you can make the feedback sing.  Includes nice older hard case.

    • 1946 Gibson L7 11946 Gibson L7 2
    • 1946 Gibson L-7

      1946 Gibson L-7 in very good condition.  The immediate post war years saw some of the finest guitars ever produced by Gibson.  The availability of quality materials and access to a highly skilled work force made for a formidable combination.  Guitars from the late 40s have all the features we like.  Comfortable found neck profile with 1 3/4" nut width.  Gracefully carved tops from the finest spruce.  The color of the sunburst is even more appealing in these years.  This guitar is in wonderful condition with original finish and hardware, repro pickguard made by Mirabella, and repro bridge.  L-7...


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We evaluate each instrument for condition, originality, and authenticity. A written report is provided detailing our findings along with the replacement value for your instrument. We can appraise one instrument or entire collections. Let us know if you are looking to sell you instrument as we buy and consign fine quality vintage instruments.

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