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    • 1966 Guild F 40 11966 Guild F 40 2
    • 1966 Guild F-50

      1966 Guild F-50 in very good condition.  These are some of the most overlooked and widely recorded guitars of the 1960s. This one is in great shape and has been played quite a bit.  It has a neck reset and new saddle.  All original with no cracks or other repairs.  The arched maple back and 17y" body provide big fat thick strummed chords but also give a great thumpy bass for fingerstyle blues.  Includes original case.  

    • 1966 Fender Jaguar OW 11966 Fender Jaguar OW 2
    • 1966 Fender Jaguar

      1966 Fender Jaguar in excellent condition.  Olympic White with matching headstock.  100% original and about as clean as they get.  It is very rare for the white to remain this white.  Most have turned very yellow.  No playwear, back has minor strap burn.  Great feeling neck and sets up perfectly.  Pickups are string and everything works perfectly.  A great example of a custom color Jag!  Includes original black tolex case also in excellent condition.  

    • 1961 Fender Jazzmaster 11961 Fender Jazzmaster 2
    • 1961 Fender Jazzmaster

      1961 Fender Jazzmaster in excellent condition.  All original with very little wear.  An exceptional early slab board guitar.  Electronics are all original and sound great.  The finish is clean and bright.  The sunburst has not faded at all and other than fine checking is near perfect.  These early Jazzmasters are the ones to have.  Includes original brown tolex case in good shape.  

    • 1943 Martin D18 11943 Martin D18 2
    • 1943 Martin D-18

      1943 Martin D-18 in very good condition.  Wartime guitar with two piece Adirondack top and no steel in the neck.  Very light construction resulting in a dynamic loud and exceptional sounding instrument.  It has the dry, woody, crisp, clear thing that has made these some of the most desired acoustic guitars of all time.  Nicely balanced tone works as well finger picked or flat picked.  It has been played professionally and seen maintenance to keep it running in top shape.  The finger-board, bridge, and bridge plate were replaced by Dave Musselwhite.  The work is all neat and professional as wel...

    • 1965 Gibson SG 11965 Gibson SG 2
    • 1964 Gibson SG

      1964 Gibson SG in excellent condition.  This guitar is clean and all original.  It retains all its original parts and has no repairs or alterations.  It even has a copy of the original receipt and photos of the original owner playing it!  The two patent number pikcups sound amazing with just the right amount of microphonics that give them air and life.  The frets are in good shape and playability is excellent all over.  The finish is rich shows little wear.  An exceptional version of an iconic guitar.  Includes original case, photos, tags, and receipt.  

    • 1943 Gibson J45OURS 11943 Gibson J45OURS 2
    • 1943 Gibson J-45

      1943 Gibson J-45 in excellent condition.  Other than a neat neck reset and fret job with vintage size wire this one is all original.  No cracks no overspray or touch-up.  Two piece Adirondack top, mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck with V maple support, three on a plate Kluson tuners, poplar head and tail blocks.  This one has a very dry and airy sound to it.  An excellent example in wonderful condition.  Includes newer hard shell case.  

    • 1939 Gibson J35Nat 11939 Gibson J35Nat 2
    • 1939 Gibson J-35 Natural

      1939 Gibson J-35 Natural in excellent condition.  Three tone bar version with non-scalloped bracing and round heel.  V shaped neck with 1 3/4" nut width.  Has one repaired top crack and two small back cracks.  We recently refretted it and reglued the bridge.  Never had or needed neck reset.  Finish is all original and has a gorgeous patina and color to it.  A very solid and powerful sounding guitar.  Top does not have bellying and original bridge is uncut with what appears to be a factory saddle at full height.  Includes original tweed hard case with racing stripes, a rare and most awesome acc...

    • 1940 Gibson J35Nat 11940 Gibson J35Nat 2
    • 1940 Gibson J-35 Nat

      1940 Gibson J-35 in excellent plus condition.  This is easily one of the cleanest and most original J-35s to come up for sale in years.  100% original and repair free! Two tone bars with unscalloped bracing.  Small French heel.  Round neck profile with 1 23/32" nut width.  Original frets are full height and with only the most minor wear.  Has a big powerful sound with a great honk in the midrange.  The condition causes double takes and for good reason.  Includes newer hard case.

    • 1955 Gibson LesPaul 11955 Gibson LesPaul 2
    • 1955 Gibson Les Paul

      1955 Gibson Les Paul in excellent plus condition.  They don't turn up like this very often.  This comes to us from the original owner who has had it since 1955.  It had not been played in many years, we changed the strings gave it a light cleaning and that was it.  100% original and as clean an example as we know of.  It weighs exactly 8lbs!  The neck is straight and frets near perfect.  A great sounding and playing guitar in unmatched condition.  A rare opportunity to get into a near perfect uncirculated guitar.  Original case and strap included.  

    • 1957 Gibson ES175 11957 Gibson ES175 2
    • 1957 Gibson ES-175D

      1957 Gibson ES-175D in excellent condition.  This is one of the first ES-175 to have humbucking pickups.  These are the early pre sticker PAFs with stainless covers.  All original except for pickguard which is curled and in the case.  Includes original deluxe brown lifton case with key and original hang tag.  Minimal signs of use, no repairs or modifications.  This is an exceptionally good example of the most coveted version of the 175.  A historically important guitar as well as great instrument.  


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We evaluate each instrument for condition, originality, and authenticity. A written report is provided detailing our findings along with the replacement value for your instrument. We can appraise one instrument or entire collections. Let us know if you are looking to sell you instrument as we buy and consign fine quality vintage instruments.

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