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    • 1969 gibson lespaulstandard 11969 gibson lespaulstandard 2
    • 1969 Gibson Les Paul Standard

      1969 Gibson Les Paul Standard in very good condition.  This is a very early 69 with all pot dates of 50th week of 1968.  Has no volute neck and no Made In USA stamp.  These guitars are nearly identical to the Les Paul model made form 1955-1957.  The differences being full depth binding in the cutaway, double ring Kluson tuners, 14 degree instead of 17 degree peghead angle and Indian rosewood fingerboard. Weighs in at 8.71 pounds.  Carved maple top on mahogany body.  All original hardware and electronics.  At one point had a Fender pickup in the bridge position.  The bridge pickup was unsoldere...

    • 1952 martin 015 11952 martin 015 2
    • 1952 Martin 0-15

      1952 Martin 0-15 in very good condition.  One owner guitar fresh out of our repair shop.  We gave it a neck reset and repaired a three inch back crack.  The tuners have been changed to Grover sta-tites.  Full-height original Brazilian rosewood bridge and original ebony nut.  Original frets are in good shape with plenty of life.  Some pick wear on the top and one ding in lower bout.  Nice and lively with good full midrange.  These little all mahogany guitars are just fun to play.  A great way to enter the world of vintage Martin guitars. Includes original soft case.

    • 1940 martin 0018h 11940 martin 0018h 2
    • 1940 Martin 00-18H

      1940 Martin 00-18H in very good condition.  The 00-18H was produced form 1935-1941 with a total of 255 guitars.  Originally these had flush bar frets, bridges without compensated saddles and high nuts.  The conversion done to this one involved a replacement fingerboard with T frets, a new bridge with compensated saddle, a neck reset, and a lower nut.  The fingerboard has diamond inlays instead of the usual dots.  Nice dark sunburst finish on the Red Spruce top.  Crack free all around.  Neck is 1 7/8" at the nut and spacing at bridge is 2 5/16".  Lack of T-bar in neck makes for a feather weight...

    • 1952 Gibson J45 GregBrown 11952 Gibson J45 GregBrown 2
    • 1952 Gibson J-45 formerly Greg Brown's

      1952 Gibson J-45 in very good condition.  This guitar was owned and used extensively by Greg Brown.  Greg was one of Tom's first professional customers when he began working on guitars in Iowa City.  Greg used this guitar on several albums and tours in the mid 90s.  It can be heard on The Poet Game and The Live One.  The guitar is overall nice shape.  Has had a neck reset and refret.  The bridge was previously shaved down before the neck was reset.  To get it back to full height Tom laminated a piece of rosewood on the underside.  There is a McIntyre pickup with endpin jack installed.  It is a...

    • 1980 Gibson LPHeritage 11980 Gibson LPHeritage 3
    • 1980 Les Paul Heritage Standard-80

      1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Standard 80 in excellent condition.  All original with no repairs ever done or needed.  Great sounding PAF style pickups.  These are the first 1959 reissue Les Pauls.  The sound and feel of the originals is nicely captured here.  The only flaw is the missing original pickguard which is easily replaced should you desire.  Comfortable '59 neck profile which is not as big as what they call a '59 on the new guitars.  Somewhere between the feel of the 60s flat C shape and the chunkier 50s style.  Weighs in at 9.7lbs.  Includes the original hard case.


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We evaluate each instrument for condition, originality, and authenticity. A written report is provided detailing our findings along with the replacement value for your instrument. We can appraise one instrument or entire collections. Let us know if you are looking to sell you instrument as we buy and consign fine quality vintage instruments.

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