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    • 1920s Stella Jumbo 12 Birch 11920s Stella Jumbo 12 Birch 8
    • 1920s Stella Jumbo 12 String

      1920s Stella Jumbo 12 string in excellent condition.  This body size and style is known as the Leadbelly model.  The difference being Leadbelly played a mahogany version of this same guitar.  This is birch back and sides with a red spruce top.  In excellent playing shape.  It appears the fingerboard was replaced at some point and the back of the neck was varnished many years ago.  Finish on the body is original with some wear and the loss form an old pickguard now removed.  Lightweight and structurally solid as can be.  Big neck profile with soft V shape.  Plays great and we have it set up wit...

    • 1920s Stella Grand Concert 12 11920s Stella Grand Concert 12 2
    • 1925 Stella 12 string

      Circa 1925 Stella grand concert 12 string guitar.  Solid birch back and sides with spruce top.  This guitar is known as the Barbecue Bob model.  These were used by many prominent blues and jazz musicians in the 20s and 30s.  Lonnie Johnson is pictured with one of these playing duets with Eddie Lang. Pin bridge has been replaced with nicely done reproduction.  Neck reset and a few top cracks repaired.  Plays perfectly and is setup with heavy strings tuned to C#.  The extra long 26 5/8" scale length make it ideal for lower tunings.  Includes newer hard case.

    • 1930 National Duolian 11930 National Duolian 2
    • 1930 National Duolian

      1930 National Duolian in excellent condition.  The Duolian model was introduced in 1930 as a more economical model to the fancy plated and engraved guitars being produced in the late 20s.  The appointments are simple and even the gauge of steel used for the bodies is a bit thinner than other models.  The finish is a cool black grey "frosted duco".  It has a nice round mahogany neck.  The original fingerboard was made from a laminated paper material that had no structural integrity.  We put an ebony fingerboard on it with medium frets.  The cone is a replacement from National with the original ...

    • 1962 Gretsch 6120 11962 Gretsch 6120 2
    • 1962 Gretsch 6120

      1962 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins model in excellent condition.  First year for the double cutaway model 6120.  Overall in excellent condition no major repairs or issues.  All original including finish and binding.  Interestingly this guitar has a gold plated Bigsby and Grover Imperial tuners both original and usually reserved for fancier models.  Original frets are full height with almost no wear.  The pickups and all electronics are original and sound great.  A fun guitar to play with the classic Gretsch sound.  Includes original hard case. 

    • 1965 Martin D 28 11965 Martin D 28 2
    • 1965 Martin D-28

      1965 Martin D-28 in excellent condition.  All original with the exception of a new bone saddle made here, the original plastic one is in the case.  Repair free except on three inch back crack neatly repaired.  Beautiful straight grained Brazilian rosewood back and sides.  Top appears to be Red Spruce and the sound of the guitar supports that.  One of the cleanest best sounding 60s D-28s we have come across.  Has a big warm sound with excellent clarity and singing sustain.  Perfect balance for big full chords and solid singing single notes.  Great 60s neck with nice rounded shape with ever so s...

    • 1930 Martin 0 17 11930 Martin 0 17 2
    • 1930 Martin 0-17

      1930 Martin 0-17 in very good condition.  The 12 fret steel string all mahogany single 0-17 is a rare guitar.  It was only made for a year before changing to the 14 fret body.  This one is in very good shape with only a few minor repaired side cracks.  The finish, frets, bridge, and tuners are original.  There is some light pick wear on the top.  The combination of light construction with scalloped X bracing and all Mahogany body makes for a wonderful sounding guitar.  Strong thick midrange with dry woody tone.  The warmth and sweetness of each note with a slightly quicker decay make for an ex...

    • 1992 Flatiron Festival 21992 Flatiron Festival 7
    • 1992 Flatiron Festival Mandolin

      1992 Flatiron Festival F style mandolin in excellent condition.  Made in Bozeman Montana.  Fine quality flamed maple back and sides, Adirondack spruce top,  single ivoroid top binding, fern style pearl headstock inlay and lacquer finish.  In all original condition and never seen much playing time.  Excellent bluegrass mandolin.  Responsive and lively throughout its range.  Good cut and bark when played hard.  Some of the best bang for the buck in the mandolin world. Include hard shell case.

    • 1920 Lyon and Healy 11920 Lyon and Healy 14
    • 1920s Lyon and Healy Auditorium

      Circa 1920 Lyon and Healy Auditorium size guitar in excellent condition.  Back and sides of Brazilian rosewood top of fine quality Red spruce.  Fancy grade guitar with wide pearl trim bordering the top and around the soundhole as well as back strip.  Pearl inlay on the headstock and on the fingerboard at frets 1,3,5,7,9,12,15.  Wood marquetry inlayed on the sides at both the top and back and white bindings.  Staggered ladder bracing.  Nut is 1 27/32", scale is 25 1/4", string spacing at bridge is 2 3/8", lower bout is 14 1/2", upper bout 10 1/4", depth at head block is 3 3/8", depth at tail bl...

    • 1953 Martin 00 17 11953 Martin 00 17 2
    • 1953 Martin 00-17

      1953 Martin 00-17 in very good condition.  From the family of the original owner.  We reset the neck to the original uncut ivory saddle.  Rebuttoned original tuners, one two inch back crack repaired with hide glue.  Finish is all original and in nice shape.  One small discolored area likely from a strap in the case years ago.  Neck is straight and original frets are full height with no wear.  A wonderfully crisp and warm sounding guitar.  The mahogany top is balanced nicely by the tapered bracing.  A comfortable and inviting guitar to hold and play.  Includes hard shell case.

    • 1936 Martin 017 11936 Martin 017 2
    • 1936 Martin 0-17

      1936 Martin 0-17 in very good condition.  A sweet little all mahogany pre-war Martin with scalloped braces and 1 3/4" nut width.  Crack free guitar, we reset the neck and made a new saddle. The tuners are replaced with Golden Age open back Kluson style.  New bone nut and saddle.  Bridge is original and never been cut or reglued.  Original frets are near full height and in good shape.  Finish is all original with no overspray or touchup.  The combination of all mahogany body and scalloped bracing gives a big solid warm sound.  A wonderful fingerpicking guitar with nice balance.  Includes non-or...


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