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    • 1961 Fender BazzVI 11961 Fender BazzVI 8
    • 1961 Fender Bass VI

      1961 Fender Bass VI in good condition.  This is an early example of the venerable Bass VI.  It has a neck date from 1961 and pots that date to the last week of 1961.  The serial number puts it right at the end of 1961 as well.  The neck finish is original while the body finish is a refin.  It came to us with a sad looking and very poorly applied black finish.  We opted to strip it down to the wood and refinish it in Sonic blue nitrocellulose lacquer.  The finish is applied in a period correct method.  The contours of the body were not sanded or altered in the process.  The guitar came to us wi...

    • 1930 Martin 0 17 11930 Martin 0 17 2
    • 1930 Martin 0-17

      1930 Martin 0-17 in very good condition.  The 12 fret steel string all mahogany single 0-17 is a rare guitar.  It was only made for a year before changing to the 14 fret body.  This one is in very good shape with only a few minor repaired side cracks.  The finish, frets, bridge, and tuners are original.  There is some light pick wear on the top.  The combination of light construction with scalloped X bracing and all Mahogany body makes for a wonderful sounding guitar.  Strong thick midrange with dry woody tone.  The warmth and sweetness of each note with a slightly quicker decay make for an ex...

    • 1920 Lyon and Healy 11920 Lyon and Healy 14
    • 1920s Lyon and Healy Auditorium

      Circa 1920 Lyon and Healy Auditorium size guitar in excellent condition.  Back and sides of Brazilian rosewood top of fine quality Red spruce.  Fancy grade guitar with wide pearl trim bordering the top and around the soundhole as well as back strip.  Pearl inlay on the headstock and on the fingerboard at frets 1,3,5,7,9,12,15.  Wood marquetry inlayed on the sides at both the top and back and white bindings.  Staggered ladder bracing.  Nut is 1 27/32", scale is 25 1/4", string spacing at bridge is 2 3/8", lower bout is 14 1/2", upper bout 10 1/4", depth at head block is 3 3/8", depth at tail bl...

    • 2002 Martin 0045S 12002 Martin 0045S 2
    • 2002 Martin 00-4S 1902

      2002 Martin 00-45S 1902 in near mint condition.  These were built for the 100th anniversary of four prototype 00-45s made in 1902.  The back and sides are figured Brazilian rosewood and there is intricate pearl inlayed everywhere.  This is number 9 of 100 according to the label, however only about 50 were actually produced.  It comes in a custom made coffin case.  Hangtags and paperwork are included.  The condition is essentially as new.  The full specs are on the Martin site HERE.  

    • 1960 Gibson LPJR 11960 Gibson LPJR 7
    • 1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior

      1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior in excellent condition.  100% original with no repairs or issues.  There are some minor chips and dings in the finish and is checked all over.  The neck is the classic 1960s shape, nice slim oval C shape.  Plays beautifully with full height original frets, and intonates very well.  Strong P-90 does exactly what it is supposed to.  

    • 1963 Gibson SG 11963 Gibson SG 2
    • 1963 Gibson Les Paul SG

      1963 Gibson Les Paul SG in excellent plus condition.  This is a 100% original no repairs no excuses guitar.  Every last screw is original right down to the case being in perfect shape and original hang tag.  Two early patent number humbuckers never been opened.  All solder joints are untouched.  Has nice full neck profile.  More of a handful than many '63s.  Frets are nearly unworn and at full original height.  This is as fine an example of a 1963 SG as there is.  It  plays and sounds great as well as being in top condition.  Collectors grade all the way. 

    • 1941 Gibson RoySmeckStageDeLuxe 11941 Gibson RoySmeckStageDeLuxe 2
    • 1941 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe

      1941 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe conversion in very good condition.  Tom converted this Roy Smeck to spanish style.  The process, which I have previously documented on our blog involved: neck reset, neck reshaping taking the nut width down from 2 1/8" to 1 13/16", adding a 1/2" aluminum square tube to stiffen the neck, filled and recut bridge for saddle compensation and fretting.  The neck finish is a spot on match of the original done using the same techniques as Gibson used in 1941.  The neck reinforcement makes for a stiff neck that will not bend from string tension.  The material we use...

    • 1951 Gibson ES175 11951 Gibson ES175 2
    • 1951 Gibson ES-175

      1951 Gibson ES-175 in very good condition.  All original except for the volume and tone knobs.  In our opinion these are some of the most perfect guitars ever made.  The elegant cutaway, beautifully shaded finish, comfortable neck profile, and amazing P-90n pickups.  It is no secret why the ES-175 has graced so many classic recordings.  The 1 11/16" neck is a perfect rounded C shape.  The original frets are full height and have little wear.  The electronics are all original and the pickup is strong.  The finish has some checking and there is a slight amount of wear on the back of the neck.  Se...

    • 1945 Gibson LG2 11945 Gibson LG2 2
    • 1945 Gibson LG-2 Banner

      1945 Gibson LG-2 in excellent condition.  Last year for the banner logo.  Crack free guitar which has had a recent restoration.  Neck reset and new spot on reproduction bridge and refret.  The back of the neck was lightly oversprayed and buffed when it was reset.  Back and sides are mahogany with spruce top.  The neck is maple with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.  The finish on the body and peghead are all original and in wonderful condition.  Neck is a large profile with 1 3/4" nut width.  Interior is as clean as they get.  Has the classic Banner sound with an emphasis on midrange.  Has a nic...


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