• 1963 Gibson Hummingbird

    1963 Gibson Hummingbird in excellent condition.  This is a super clean 100% original no excuses guitar.  The finish shows some minor checking, about enough that you would believe it was made in 1963 and not 2014.  It has all the desirable early features like the wider neck and small bridge

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  • 1935 Gibson L-10 Special Order

    1935 Gibson L-10 in excellent condition.  The L-10 was the second fanciest and expensive archtop in Gibson's line when it was introduced in in the late 1920s.  Essentially the same guitar as an L-5 only black and with a rosewood fingerboard.  The early dot neck versions with a maple neck are

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  • 1947 Gibson L-48

    1947 Gibson L-48 in very good condition.  16" all Mahogany body with laminate top and back.  In 1947 L-48 have the cool trapezoid pyrolin inlays such other years they have simpler dot inlays.  This is a mostly original guitar with replaced tuners and a neatly repaired original tailpiece.  The

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  • 1935 Martin C-2 Converted to 000-28

    1935 Martin C-2 converted to 000-28 in 2009 by Chris Berkov in very good condition.  The back and sides are beautiful straight grained Brazilian rosewood of the highest quality.  The top is Carpathian spruce, which is similar in sonic and physical characteristics to Red spruce.  The cosmetics

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  • 2007 Merrill C-18

    2007 Merrill C-18 in near mint condition.  Jim Merrill builds fine acoustic guitars down in Lancaster Virginia for the full story check out his site here.  The C-18 is a very accurate copy of a 1930s Martin D-18.  The back and sides are

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Top notch repair on fine instruments.

  • Curtis Rogers National Part III

    Now that major work on the neck is done Tom can fit the neck angel and reattach it to the body. Using a straight edge...GO

  • Curtis Rogers National Part II

    With a plan of attack for repairing the Curtis Rogers guitar Tom has torn into it this week. The disassembly process revealed the specific type...GO

  • Curtis Rogers National Duolian

    One of the first questions we are often asked is "So does it have a story"? With vintage guitars its hard to not...GO

  • Jimmy and Immy kick off the TR Crandall live music series

    A big thanks to James Maddock and David Immergluck for a great night of music Thursday November 7th. It was the first show we have...GO

  • Diamond Bottlenecks in Stock!

    TR Crandall Guitars is proud to be the exclusive New York dealer for Diamond Bottlenecks. They make hand blown and polished slides second to none....GO