1990 Fender 1962 Mary Kaye Reissue Stratocaster Stage Used and Signed by SRV

On July 7th 1990, Stevie Raye Vaughn returned his guitar to his guitar technician Rene Martinez after the performance at the Garden Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. Thankfully, both Martinez and the band were in the right place at the right time; a 30 ft by 6 ft stanchion came crashing down in front of Martinez and damaged six of SRV’s guitars.  With a concert scheduled the next day at Jones Beach Stevie was in need of a guitar to play.  Rene got this guitar from the tour bus driver Mike Hall.  Rene had gone with Mike to bless the purchase of the guitar when new.  Stevie liked it enough to use for the entire sound check and during the show that night.  Included is a letter from Rene Martinez confirming the provenance.  After learning the guitar belonged to Mike Hall, Stevie offered to sign the pickguard.  Stevie would tragically pass away only a month after the Jones Beach show.  Stage used SRV gear rarely comes up for sale making this a unique opportunity for the collector.  In addition to the collector value it is also a great feeling and playing guitar.  It is still set-up the way SRV used it with heavy strings and little tricks like the wire insulation on the unwound strings in the trem to prevent breaking.  Included with the guitar is an SRV song book also signed in 1990, an All-Access laminate for the tour the guitar was played on, backstage staff pass, letter signed by Rene Martinez and original hard case with hang tags.  

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