TR Crandall Guitars Open for Business

Welcome and thank you for visiting  TR Crandall Guitars is a new store brought to you by Alex Whitman and Tom Crandall.  We are both lifelong musicians and guitar fans.  The store and website are devoted to vintage acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and even a few electrics and amps.  We approach each instrument from the perspective of the repair bench.  We have the highest standards in our selection and repair of each instrument.  Our in house repair shop run by Tom Crandall is the heart and soul of the store.  No instrument goes on the wall without evaluation and necessary repairs by Tom.  

We seek interesting and sometimes unusual guitars.  This can mean a one of a kind Gibson or obscure but very well made parlor guitars.  We love the classics too and strive to keep a nice selection of "bread and butter" instruments.  Vintage instruments offer a sound that can not be replicated in new guitars.  There is no substitute for age, no device you can buy, no amount of money you can spend.  Yes, there are great new guitars, we even build some ourselves, but the old classics are hard to beat.  Like our guitars, nearly all our accessories are made in the USA.  We believe in keeping business local whenever practical.  You might notice our store does not look like a traditional guitar store.  Our approach is more of a carefully curated collection of fine instruments.  Come in, look around, ask questions, and enjoy the wonderful instruments presented here at TR Crandall Guitars.  


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