Curtis Rogers National Part III

Curtis Rogers National Part III

Now that major work on the neck is done Tom can fit the neck angel and reattach it to the body.  Using a straight edge the neck angle is determined.  The dowel stick gets trimmed and shims are used along with the original wood jacks to get the angle correct.

With the fingerboard glued on but before fretting Tom added the white star inlay at the first fret and the ivoroid dots like the original. The maple board is relatively soft so the frets are hammered in and glued to make sure they remain solid....

TK Smith Guitars at TR Crandall

We are pleased to announce that we are the first official dealer for TK Smith Guitars. Serendipitously we were both featured in issue 32 of The Fretboard Journal, back to back articles.  We had heard about TK for years and followed his creative and inspiring projects from afar.  It just happened the Jill had stopped in our shop not long after we opened.  If you know anything about our shop and TK you know we share a passion for American made guitars crafted at the highest level.  TK and Jill did not have to ask twice if we would like...

Ric Molina and Friends December 18th 8pm

Ric Molina and Friends performing live at TR Crandall Guitars December 18th 8pm.

TR Crandall in The Fretboard Journal

We are honored to be profiled in the latest issue #32 of The Fretboard Journal. Stop by the shop to pick up you copy or order online!

1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage DeLuxe Conversion Part IV

1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage DeLuxe Conversion Part IV


Now that we have the neck nice and strong with the addition of an aluminum beam it is time to profile and shape it.  As mentioned previously we want to make this a comfortable neck to play but stay true to a Gibson 30s  shape.  We worked closely with the owner of the guitar and decided on a 1 13/16" nut width and a soft V profile.  We have a nice mid 30s L-00 that was used as a guide for the profile.  The rest is left to the skill and experience of Tom in carving a...